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also known as Cindi Mayweather

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16 August 1991
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keep my feet on solid ground
Ariel. 21. Writer.

Fandoms: Star Trek, all of them - yes, including ENT. Avengers, both comics and MCU. Harry Potter. DC Comics. Kushiel's Legacy. Battlestar Galactica. A Song of Ice and Fire. Scads of miscellaneous novels with tiny or non-existent fandoms. Femslash. Slash. Het. Gen. Porn. Not-porn. Multi-shipping. Things with dragons in them. (Especially the last bit.)

This journal contains: Fic of all of the above, though mostly Star Trek and Harry Potter; reactions, reviews, and rants about all of the above; brainstorming about aforementioned fic; and the very occasional personal post.

Friending Policy: Go right ahead! Just drop me a line on the sticky entry if you'd like me to friend you back.

A note on warnings:
As of 7/21/2012, I put warnings, kinks, and anything else of note into the category Content Notes. When necessary, I will list non-con/rape; dub-con/coercion; character death; violence/torture (sexual); violence/torture (non-sexual); general gore, and broad generalized kinks, sexual and narrative (e.g. bondage, fluff, AU). I try to label as in-depth as possible; please PM me and tell me if I missed something triggering that I should warn for. Thanks.

I'd also like to note that I do not write kink fic as SSC or RACK unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to podfic, translate, or make art of my work. I love it and I'm very flattered! Please let me know when you do it and where you post it so I can check it out.

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